Saturday, June 18, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #20

Felt really beat just three quarters of a mile into tonight's long run, but kept an eye on the heart rate and dialed in a solid slow 9 miles.

Slept a lot last night, and today prior to the run, but I think my body is still getting used to building mileage. Glancing at my running log on Strava, it seems as though I haven't run more than 30 miles in a week since Big Sur. That's a really long taper back to training, but I've also had a ton of work to be busy with, and I try to keep in mind that while my running schedule shows up on Strava, it isn't uncommon for me to walk five or six miles a day at work, and that doesn't get logged. Anyway, I will build in more rest tonight, but planning to run 2 miles tomorrow to round out 30 for the week.

So far father's day weekend has been excellent. My wife (and daughter) got me an awesome hammock with stand that I'll be setting up outside tomorrow, and then some great shirts: "Real men change diapers" and a "Best dad in the galaxy." Love it. We went to breakfast this morning, as per usual, and then spent the day lounging around the house.

Baby girl's six months old on Monday! I know I posted that yesterday, and it will get posted again. But I'm so happy to see her doing so well.

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