Sunday, June 19, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #21

Just under two miles tonight, to keep the streak alive and to round out my 30 miles for the week.

Hoping to do a similar mileage next week, while building up my long run and possibly adding in a pickup workout over the course of the week. Also, going back on the vegetarian diet in a big way this week, so hopefully I'll get down to my fighting weight during this training cycle.

My first father's day was really nice -- or it ended up that way. Started off the morning taking the baby into the doctor's for a cough she has, which ended up not being too serious but something we need to keep an eye on over the next week. I also have a pretty decent set of sinus symptoms going on, so I may plan a trip to the doc's myself.

Anyway, stopped and got bagels after that appointment, then watched some movies before a low key dinner with some friends. All in all, that's exactly my idea of a good time, although I could have stood to throw some hammock time in.

Just a couple days left until I start my summer training season for real.

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