Sunday, June 26, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #28

Four recovery miles tonight, feeling pretty good. It has been comfortable here at night, not too hot and perfect singlet weather. Hopefully my night time race in July will have similar conditions, but I don't dare dream it to be the case.

First time since Big Sur that my weekly mileage has been up over 30 miles. Very happy about that, and very happy that I'm feeling strong while covering that mileage. Planning to add in some speed work this week, and then we'll see where I am in a couple weeks as far as adding in tempo runs again.

Planning some hiking trips, and even a trip to go climb Mt. Monadnock later next month. Used to live up near there as a kid, but only did the hike once or twice and never went all the way up to the top. It isn't a long hike from what I recall, but I'd like to do that anyway and hope it can push me to the point of not caring so much about the drive, because I'd really like to do more hikes up in the white mountains.

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