Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #30

Decided to head out for a run late tonight -- waiting for a thunderstorm to break out any hour now so I went out with a flexible plan of doing a couple miles of warm-up, and then running some repeats on some hills. I planned to run no more than 5 miles, but no less than three.

Once I did my two mile warm up, I laid into my hill repeat area with a goal of running it four times start to finish.

All told the "Urban Mountain Goat" as I call this little segment is about a half mile with three (or four, depending on how you look at it) hills. It has a 69 ft. elevation difference. It's basically an out and back with three hill climbs of varying lengths and grades on it.

It starts downhill before a moderate climb, then another downhill before turning back around for a second harder climb, then a downhill before a sort of double-hill. That last hill lets me practice some hill pacing technique, because it is easy to break into thirds for a progressive effort.

The last part of the climb is pretty bitter, but I gritted into it. Once I had covered the little section three times, I decided I may as well go a fourth time or risk kicking myself later.

So I'm hoping to cover this little route again on Tuesdays going forward into the summer. Hopefully on nights that the humidity isn't like 80%.

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