Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #17

10k tonight, at dusk. Was pretty warm today so I figured I'd wait until the sun had set, and even then it felt pretty warm. There was a nice breeze though, so that made the effort feel easier.

Actually managed to keep this run in zone 2 of my heart rate goal for 93% of the run -- as was my plan. Means I averaged a 150bpm heart rate. I dialed in an easy pace, watched my breathing and effort, and just covered the ground focusing on my form. Still managed to run negative splits, too, so feeling pretty good about that.

Working on a couple of bigger feature posts for the next couple of weeks -- a follow up to the opossum and a story-post about my early adventures in long distance running. Stay tuned.

Hope the week is rounding out nicely for you other folks doing the summer run streak!

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