Sunday, January 24, 2016

Winter in New England

I have a post scheduled called 'Winter Running', so I'll let that explain most of my thoughts on the topic -- I just wanted to post a quick note about my 10k run tonight.

I didn't go out for my long run last night because in addition to the snowfall we received there were also 60 mph gusts of winds. There was a time when I would adventure out into big storms (blizzards and hurricanes around here) but I decided to take the night off last night.

Tonight I went out for my planned 10k, taking it easy. I decided to take my new boots for a spin (which you'll read about later. Spoiler alert: I love them.) I ended up trekking through ankle deep snow, bounding over snow banks, and having a generally fun time.

If the conditions stay like this (no back-to-back blizzards) through February, I'll be in really good shape for the Eastern States and then Big Sur. I haven't ever had this much fun running outside in the winter before.


As a late addition, I'd like to also say that with this run I achieved the Strava Run Climbing Challenge for January. The goal was to climb 1,000m over the month. I've exceeded that a bit. This one was an easier one to achieve, because previously they've been quite a bit higher in terms of climbing.

One of my goals, in any event, was to set a climbing goal each month and to meet it at least six months out of the year. We'll see how that goes -- this is one month down!

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