Sunday, January 3, 2016

Running Streak: Day 39

Hope you don't mind if I just continue these running streak posts. I figure we'll see how far I can get to with this streak, and in any event, it doesn't hurt me to keep writing once-a-day, even if it is only a couple of lines.

I went out for 4 miles tonight. Fairly cold. Nothing special to report otherwise. Lots of housework today. We have family coming to stay with us for a couple of days while I go back to work, so hopefully my wife will be able to get some rest. Having company means needing to have a well-kept house, though. So in addition to my normal chores of washing bottles and dishes, preparing food for my wife, walking the dog and the other day-to-day things I've also started cleaning up the basement and organizing the living space.

I've set myself up in the basement bathroom -- which is a full bath -- so as to be out of the way while people are staying here. It will just be easier as I normally rise between 5-530am. I may even put the Keurig down here at my desk so I can brew my morning cup of mud without disturbing anyone.

Fixing up the downstairs bath also meant fixing the toilet. We haven't used it since we moved over a year ago, because the tank was running. It cost me several hours to fix it owing to the eccentricities of this particular model, but now I have a nice full bath down stairs. Goodness help my water bill.

The baby is sleeping well, but at odd intervals, and she also has a cold. I put the shower on in the main bathroom (to create a steam room) a couple of times a day to help her breathe a little easier and it seems to work. I read on a parenting site that it is not uncommon for children to get between eight and ten colds in their first year of life! That is wild. I give up any guilt I was holding for being the one to give her the cold. It was inevitable. Such is life.

I'm kind of glum about returning to work this week. For one thing it means I need to regularize my sleep patterns, and that means less time with the little one wrapped close to my chest napping. I've come to really enjoy these late-night sessions. She is little and perfect and loves being wrapped up in the boba wrap, and I'll tell you that much of my writing of late has been done during these sleepless nights. We'll spend other times together, of course, but I'll never forget that about the first two weeks of her life.

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