Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Resolutions: Part 2 (2016)

Alright, onto the current year!

I'm interested in setting 10 goals. I won't set more than that, but that way I can get a decent mix of attainable goals through to things that may at the present just be a far-off dream. About half of them will be running related, and about half will be parenting-related.

  1. Run two marathons in a year
  2. PR the 5k
  3. Barefoot a 5k
  4. Set and achieve a climbing goal at least 6 months of the year
  5. Lose as much weight as it takes to be efficient
  6. Continue making time to spend with daughter
  7. Re-begin date night with wife
  8. Read some parenting (specifically dad) books
  9. Research more of the dad-positive new media
  10. Learn and archive some terrible dad jokes
OK, so now a brief analysis of each goal.

I really want to run two marathons in a year. I wanted to do that last year, but this year I think I may be able to achieve that, because I am signed up for Big Sur in April. I should be able to find a fall marathon and run that later in the year. I am not thinking as far ahead as a fall marathon yet -- but I am enthusiastic about it. Feels attainable this year.

I don't expect to run a sub-20 5k. I'm making an effort to train more aerobically, aiming to have 150 bpm as my max heart rate (per the MAF Method.) As an aside, I haven't used a heart rate monitor for the last 23 days. This wasn't intentional, many times I had the strap on, but I look at the data so infrequently that I didn't notice that my hrm had not been syncing with my bluetooth on my phone. d'Oh. Eye-opening, though, because I need that data to keep working towards my potential. Hopefully, this training style will allow me to at least get closer to my PR in the 5k again. I'd also like to barefoot a 5k. I've never barefooted in a race before, I think it might be fun. Will aim for a spring or fall one.

I want to set a climbing goal and achieve it at least six times this year. Big Sur is well known for having lots of climbing, and I need to get better at that. I am already mentally training myself to look at the hills and not down when I approach them. I may also try to get six of the Strava running climbing badges, but we'll see how it goes.

I don't want to set a crazy weight goal. I'd like to be less obsessed with it, lose as much as I can to run as efficiently as I can. I mean, I know what I need to do nutrition-wise. I will do that, and combined with my training schedule hopefully I will be in good shape regardless of what the number on the scale is. [Full disclosure: I still won't let the number climb OVER 170, though. Never again.]

I want to be an involved parent, and an involved partner and to that end I will carve out time for my daughter. I won't set a minimum on that time spent, because I want to be with her as much as possible. I also want to restart date night with my wife. I expect that it will be dinners featuring the little one, but that is OK. The intent of the goal is to prioritize the time with family.

I'm very interested in learning more about parenting, dad-ing, and learning about the community of people who have similar enthusiastic experiences. It is easy and natural for me to look up information on running, it seems less easy for me to find father-based resources. Just today I've added several blogs to my reading list, so hopefully this will help me feel a part of a bigger community.

Lastly, need some terrible dad jokes. Maybe I'll start a feature on here to archive them. We'll see.

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