Thursday, January 7, 2016

A return to Speedwork, tech frustrations

Went out for 7 miles. I basically surged every other mile, shooting for a split in the mid-7s on my hard miles, and close to 10 on my easy miles.

When I got back, found that my HRM hadn't been registering for the course of the workout. This really makes me angry, especially considering that I just changed the battery in it. It seems to read if I use the Wahoo utility, but it isn't showing up on the device bluetooth or the Strava workout screen. Irritating as all hell.


Upon reviewing the app settings, it looks like in the most recent Strava update I had to add my heart rate sensor as a "paired device." This seems pretty counter-intuitive given that I had been using the device before with no problems. I sort of feel like Strava just robbed me of a month's worth of valuable info pertaining to my workouts. Whatever.

Tomorrow is a rest day, and then I'm hoping to get a long run in of about 15 miles on Saturday. Should be good. Planning to have a family night on Saturday and rent a movie, hang out.

Having been back at work this week, I've really missed the time with my wife and daughter. I come home, wrap the baby in her boba wrap against my chest and spend a couple of hours with her getting chores done (if she is napping) or singing to her and playing with her. I'm trying to not take the time for granted.

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