Tuesday, January 5, 2016

New Training, New Sleep Patterns, Dead HRM.

I almost made it! Sleep deprivation got the better of me Monday, and I was not able to get out for my planned 5 miles. I needed to sleep. I know my limits, and I have no reason not to rest when I feel that beat.

I did still do some strength work, but I am down about losing out on extending the streak to 40 days. Oh well.

5 miles tonight, feeling very strong in spite of the arctic air that New England has been invaded by. Speedwork tomorrow. Run coach has some strides laid out for me after a warm up -- but I may actually do tomorrow's 7 miles of speedwork as fartlek work. I prefer working in the speed in different intervals, and that might be best as I'm phasing into this plan after quite some time of no formal speedwork.

In any event I don't see the need to strictly follow the plan until February -- 12 weeks would be the schedule for a normal marathon plan for me. So I'll do 16 this time around, but use the first four weeks to "phase" myself back into the routine.

For about 20 runs I've had no heart rate data. I had no idea why, and then realized I use this HRM (the Wahoo TICKR) all the time, and I've probably killed the battery. I've ordered some replacements, so hopefully soon I'll know if that is the issue -- really hoping to start aiming for lower heart rates, especially on my easy and long runs.

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