Saturday, January 16, 2016


So I haven't run much this week. I had my full training plan ready to go, but the sleep schedule has been very inconsistent and unpredictable. Often when I do sleep it isn't really restful, as I'm up most times my wife gets up with the baby even if only for a few minutes. I also had an extremely difficult week at work, which led to a lot of me not wanting to leave the child when I got home. I'm feeling guilty, too, because I want to make sure she and I bond, and I'm very concerned that work and my training will get in the way.

I have been taking January somewhat lighter anyway, because I don't think I need to really hammer down on a consistent plan until February (as Big Sur is in April.) I have just been hoping to keep up my aerobic base, and working on my mental approach to hills. My wife calls this approach the "New Parent Adjustment Period" because I'm trying to reconcile my home, training, and work life and figure out how to not die of sleep deprivation in the process. I suppose she's right, I should take this as a learning experience and really pay attention to what works and what doesn't -- but it is hard when you're battling the feelings that you should be home all the time.

I was hoping to get out for a long run today, but it is raining something fierce. As much as I would like to try out some of my new Brooks rain gear, I just don't have the footwear right now -- I still need to return my ill fitting shoes, and I haven't done that so I can't order new shoes. It is supposed to clear up tonight so if I can I will cover the miles then. In the meantime the daytime hours are dedicated to baby-wearing and doing chores so my wife can rest.

I've been looking into changing direction from the Vibrams, as well. Possibly towards some rubber sealed Tabi boots, since they even make ones with rubber spikes that might be good on ice. They're also fairly affordable, but we'll see how that goes.

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