Saturday, January 30, 2016

Long Run Saturday and Big Sur Training

Went out for a 14 and a half mile run tonight. Haven't run much this week -- bogged down with work things and baby things. Happy to be able to get my long run in and really reveled in being outside for a couple of hours.

I'm hoping to run my planned week ahead as scheduled on Runcoach. This has me covering quite a few miles but I'm confident I can do it, provided that I can find the time. Should be do-able with a couple of minor tweaks to my already tight schedule.

Lots of work stress this week. This run was very needed, and at the end of all the reflection I came out feeling that I really had made all the right decisions that were in my power to make. So that's a good thing. I know that's cryptic, but I am reluctant to share much more about it at this time.

Thinking lots about Big Sur and tweaking my mental approach to hills. Big Sur is more or less all up rolling hills and gaining elevation into Carmel's Highlands which means I need to be able to look at the hills instead of dropping my head and muscling through. That kind of thing might work on a challenging half but I can't imagine it getting me through 26.2. I've been practicing by trying to not shy away from decent climbs in my area -- and looking straight at them when I see them. Trying to welcome the pain.

At the end of the run tonight I housed a cup of greek yogurt, two clementines, some chocolate, and a protein shake. Crazy how famished I was at the end of that run. I later made chocolate chip banana pancakes for myself and my wife for dinner. You haven't lived until you've tried eating pancakes with a one-month-old baby in a Boba Wrap trying to rip out all your chest hair.

The adventure continues.

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