Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #2

Got out for a very muggy three and a half miler tonight.

Decided to do some climbing on a set of hills near my house. During the winter (when there is less road to run on) I avoid this particular stretch of road because it has limited shoulder access for pedestrians. But the alternate route I have breaks the hill up with some cross roads that are flat, so you don't really get the experience of climbing a long rolling stretch of hills.

Boy, it is tough climbing that long rolling stretch of hill. Maybe if I'd done some repeats on it, I would have stood a better chance at Big Sur. In my head now I have all these ideas to throw into my training for the next time I run that race, although it remains to be seen how far in the future that is.

Weather should be cooler the rest of this week so I'm looking forward to some lovely early-summer running conditions.

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