Friday, May 27, 2016

Busy, busy week.

Late, late post this week. I'm in crunch time at work, and so this week was really busy. On top of the other stuff, I got very sick last weekend (fever, stomach stuff, the whole nine) and I never really recovered. I'm concerned that it may be something serious... so I'm going to make an appointment to have it checked out.

I spent most of the week crawling back from that, and still going to work, so I only got out for three miles this week. I'm planning to do a long run tomorrow (if I feel good) and otherwise hoping to have a good weekend around with the family.

I also need to put my garden together this weekend. My squash plants are irritated that I haven't put them out yet, and my tomato plants are threatening to rebel if they don't get into the ground. So I will be handling that tomorrow, and heading out to get some basil plants since my basil didn't work from seed this year. Oh well.

I will post again about how things go this weekend.

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