Friday, May 20, 2016

Days in Chaos

Approaching the end of my work season, and things are really kicking into gear. Partially because I work as a musician, so where most people in my profession are winding down, I'm really getting going.

Got to hang out with the daughter this afternoon, had dinner with my wife and watched a movie while the baby dozed. It was good to get to spend some time together as we have both been going nuts with work and the rigors of our new life as parents. The little one is now 5 months old, and I'm really happy I got to spend the time with her today.

Managed to only run twice this week so far, but covered 17 miles. Have a 5k on Sunday. The weather this week was ideal -- fairly comfortable around dusk, which is becoming my favorite time to head out. I like running in the dark when it is cool and sometimes a little breezy. Hopefully this will keep up over the summer, as I'm playing with the idea of starting a running streak through the summer.

Hoping to get out for a couple of easy miles tomorrow, sort of a shakeout for Sunday's race. I haven't really raced a 5k in some time, so I'll take this as a tune up for the summer racing season.

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