Sunday, May 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap-up

Got in 9.3 miles, but I'm having some trouble getting my new watch to sync.

I'm sure things will get sorted out, but I just want to be on record as having covered 15 miles this week! Working on building back up to my normal 30 mile weeks, but definitely coming back from Big Sur now.

Finished up the side job I'd been working on, so I'm looking forward to a full week at my normal job and some off time in the evenings with my little one and my wife.

Also, I'm going to set myself right this week on the nutrition front. I've been eating like garbage since I've been working so many hours. This week the plan is to actually eat meals during the day again, instead of skipping all meals and gorging myself on junk food at night. Hopefully this will help out my energy level, and I can shed some of the pounds I picked up from stress and poor eating.

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