Monday, May 30, 2016

Summer Running Streak, Day #1


So, the Runner's World Summer Run Streak starts today and runs through July 4th. I had planned to do my own variation from July through the end of August.

I've decided, why not, I'll start today. We'll see how long I can go but I anticipate going through July at least.

I'm planning to blog each day after I run (as I did during the winter streak.) I think this was good for my blogging habit, and kept me writing. But it is fair warning to anyone who regularly follows this blog (are any of you out there...?) that daily there will be quite a bit of blogging about running.

I'm still working on my weekly features about the intersection of fatherhood and endurance sport, so those will still be here.

Quite a bit of rainfall in New England on this memorial day (which makes for a great start to a run streak.) The wife and I needed to do some shopping, so always accepting of a challenge we decided to cart the baby out in the torrential rain and get our shopping done at the supermarket. We brought the jogging stroller (which needs to get more use, dammit.) and were really happy about how empty the store was. The baby was awesome.

She is a very contented, kid, always has a smile and only gets really fussy when she's fighting sleep. When it comes to fighting sleep, she is an absolute gladiator. I think she has another cold, though, so that's been a thing to get through.

I'll put more detail into the weekly feature this week, as in the meantime I need to get out and cover my miles.

**Afternoon Edit**

Just got back from my mile (well, 1.2 according to the gps -- lap of my neighborhood.) feeling strong. Nice to look down at the watch and see some quick pacing even for a reasonable heart rate effort.

My fastest mile times tend to come a few weeks into the holiday streak -- maybe I can do a similar thing over the summer?

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