Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Holiday Run Streak, Day #13

A very slow 4.3 miles this morning. Shins killing me. I expected this to happen because I had to run yesterday evening, and then had to run early this morning, so not much recovery time. Was kind of jazzed to see a familiar sponsor on my Charity Miles app this morning:

I don't actually endorse anything ever.

Woke up at about 4, and lazed in bed until 4:30 or so. I honestly wasn't fully committed to getting up until I looked at the weather and noticed that it is almost surely going to be raining from the middle of the day into the early hours tomorrow. That was enough for me to get out and suffer through my miles.

I mean, I say suffer but it's a mixed bag, for sure. I'm alternating between uncomfortable (because my legs are tired so soon after a run) and feeling fine (because I love running.)

Now off to a long day at work.

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