Monday, December 4, 2017

Holiday Run Streak, Day #12

Another cool-ish 4.3 miles tonight. 60.8 miles into the streak and twelve days.

The next couple of weeks are sort of make-or-break because I have some big events at work that will keep me out past my bed time. It means running early before work but also going to bed later. Boo.

In past years I've gone out late at night even after those events, but this time is a little different because we have a toddler and my wife has been really sick with this pregnancy. So I try to be home to help more, help carry more of the load. It's a fine balancing act but it means I have to really re-embrace my role as an early bird, and I have been kind of hit-or-miss with that lately.

Looking like a bit more rain this week, so that will also test my resolve to get my miles in. A few errands tonight before dinner, and then I'll be turning in early.

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