Tuesday, December 26, 2017

End of the 2017 Racing Season / Year in Review

2017 was a heck of a year. I found my way onto the roads in January in a total funk. Fell out of the wagon in 2016 during the holiday run streak, and I think that threw me off in a big way into the winter. I feel better going into 2018, and I think a big part of that has been keeping up the streak.

Year in Races:

March 11 : Black Cat 10 miler

April 1 : Newport Night Run 5k

April 9 : Fighting Seabees Half Marathon

April 23 : Blackstone Valley Half Marathon

May 7  : Providence Half Marathon

May 14 : Providence Police 5k

May 21 : Angry Unicorn Half Marathon

May 28 : Narragansett Bay Half Marathon

June 10 : Gaspee Days 5k

June 11 : Options Gay 5k

July 1 : Independence Day Half Marathon

July 3 : Finish at the 50 5k

July 15 : Run with the Beavers 10 miler

July 28 : the Blessing of the Fleet 10 miler

August 6 : Griswold Sunflower 6k

September 23 : Jamestown Half Marathon

October 8 : Boston Athletic Association Half Marathon

November 5 : TCS NYC Marathon

It's crazy to me that the race season started so late for me, and also that it didn't include the Eastern States. Looking at it now I know that I started to really hit my stride around the Angry Unicorn, but it would be really nice to see that strength come back sooner. I'm in fairly good shape now, but I know that the run streak has been taking a toll. I'd set a mental goal of hitting 200 miles for the streak, and so I am running very few one mile days.

Come January, still streaking or not, I'll have to start throwing in some easier days so that I can recover my legs a bit.

Maybe I'll be able to find some races earlier, in February or something. I need to shake out my cobwebs earlier in the season, I think. I think I also need more focus on easier races, and maybe some shorter distances. I wanted 2017 to be the year of the half marathon for me, and it certainly was with 8 of them run. I joined the Half Fanatics (HF #16238) and had a lot of fun gritting through some tough courses. I also did a lot of speedwork over the summer, which paid off in a big way at Jamestown where I ran just six minutes over my PR for the half. That isn't bad given that I'd fought much of the year to get my prior fitness back. I fell off the wagon on the speedwork when I returned to work, and also because I got sick a couple of times. I'll need to find more consistency in that going forward.

I'll post later about my plans for 2018.

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