Saturday, February 13, 2016

Winter Running (Follow-up)

Today I went out for my long run, which I had planned for about 14 miles. Being that the windchill had it feeling like -3 I cut the run a little short, stopping at just over 12 miles.

The wind was really biting, and man, thank goodness I have some really good winter running gear. I ended up hugging the bike path for the little shelter that the trees lining it offer from the wind. Running headfirst into the burts of wind and over the sheets of ice on the bike path I definitely worked as hard as I would on a longer run in ideal conditions.

I am feeling it right now.

If you are a New Englander I hope you are taking care if you head out to train in these conditions. We are a hearty people, and humans are capable of a lot, but I still worry about my own well being when it is this cold.

Hopefully the arctic vortex passes soon and I'll be able to run as planned this next week. I've finally registered for the Eastern States, and I can't wait to run it for a third time!

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