Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This Week So Far

20 miles into this week (which I hope to end at about 40 miles.) Started off very cold, so I had to switch a couple of days around. Then it got really warm, and wet. Started off running through sub 0 wind chills, now there's almost no snow left.

I've still been running in my spikes, if only because they are coated in rubber so they keep my feet dry. I have a normal non-spiked set of Tabi boots but they aren't rubber coated, and also they are white. I like the look of them in white, but in these conditions they would be mud brown after one run so I'm waiting until it dries out more to run in them.

Lots of doctors appointments this week, as well as tours of day cares. I've been impressed with the day care programs we have seen so far.

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