Saturday, February 20, 2016

Saturday Long Run

Got in a good 18 miles today. The weather was pretty variable, as it often is in New England, so I went out with tights and jean shorts, a long sleeved shirt and my Brooks MCM Jacket. Decided to wear my Vibram KMDs, because it has been awhile and there is no snow on the ground anymore.

Felt pretty good through the first miles -- a bit slow and tired but since I ran five yesterday I expected a bit of that to carry over to today. Had to lose the jacket around mile two, but ended up needing it back around mile twelve because of the wind. Ended up coming home around three hours later.

I like long runs. I like them more when I have content to listen to on my phone, or maybe a good audio book. For a good chunk of today's run I actually shed the headphones for a bit and just listened to what was around me. It was fun. Putting one foot in front of the other and plodding along.

Got in about 44 miles for the week, which is pretty good. Quite a bit more volume than I have done in awhile. Moving slower, on average, but I am chalking some of that up to the colder weather, and my generally lower quality of sleep. Hoping that the slower pace (and lower heart rates) will actually mean good performance at my spring races.

Next week is another build week -- with a nineteen or twenty mile long run next Saturday. Should be close to fifty miles for the week. I am very hopeful about taking it day by day next week, and hopefully getting some good twenty milers in before Eastern States. I usually don't have many under my belt this time of year because of the cold. If things keep up, and given my new winter gear, I hopefully can handle whatever comes up.

These quality weeks are really important to me, so I'm taking a "day by day" approach to seeing that the runs get done for this next week.

Happy two month birthday to my daughter. She gave us plenty of smiles today as we hung out, and seems to be feeling better (no soreness) after her first round of vaccinations last week.

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