Sunday, February 28, 2016

Sunday Long Run

Went out for just shy of 21 miles tonight. Kept a nice easy pace, felt fairly strong until the end. I've noticed that where in previous years it took me about four miles to feel warmed up, it now seems to hit me at about three miles. So that's nice.

I'm feeling confident about my ability to perform at Eastern States this year. I'm not going to be front of the pack or anything, but I may be able to outshine my performances from previous years so that is good.

I gave myself an extra rest day yesterday to just lounge around the house with the wife and child. Little girl is able to look, track our movements now, and is working up to a giggle. It is so thoroughly satisfying to see these "leaps" in development. I can hardly tear myself away to go running.

Big Sur is another story altogether -- looked at plane tickets this weekend, found some to purchase. Finding that I'm nervous about the hills. Not really knowing the course, just knowing it has a lot of climbing I'm going to play cautious, enjoy the run, and not go for a PR or anything.

Made another Strava Climbing goal this month -- climbed a total of 1755m over the course of February. That's two months down towards my goal of covering a climbing goal for six months!

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