Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Long Run

Went out for just over 16 miles today. Planned to cover the time in around 2:30, and came in at 2:35 so very happy with that effort. I had to divert my route in areas because the snow was so thick (with sheets of ice under it) that it just made for a tremendous amount of plodding in the spike boots.

I did decide to run on the uncleared bike path for part of the run, which was just beautiful:

Out tomorrow for a 5 mile recovery run. My plan has this next week as a dial-back, but because I dropped my speedwork this week it will still be a slight build week. That is OK, though. I'm still feeling strong, and I'm hoping taking it easier on my easy runs will keep me in good shape and injury free for the races.

Now time to go roll out my legs, and hit the showers.

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