Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #5

Easy 3.7 tonight after bedtime for the kiddos. They went to bed a bit earlier, so I got to run a bit early. Not the best night's sleep last night, but hey. What can you do.

Put some mouldable rubber on the bottom of an old pair of five fingers, hoping to extend their life (or really make them zombie shoes.) to mildly satisfactory effect. Lost one of the bits of rubber, but overall the shoes held up OK. Not sure I'll keep trying that, but hey, it was worth a shot. I like the sandals I've been running in, but I'm soon to be in a place where it will help me to extend the life of each pair of shoes I own. Not to say I won't be able to buy new running shoes, but I definitely need to be more considerate of the budget when it comes to gear and races.

As I work my way back into running I'm finding I need to get my food habits back in check. A couple of weeks of junk food around the stress and joy of a new baby, and I haven't gained a ton of weight or anything, but I definitely am feeling off. Need to get back to more vegetables and certainly more water.

Now to try and cram in a few hours of sleep before continuing the adventure!

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