Monday, May 28, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #4

Easy two miles tonight. In the sandals, my pace is much better, so we'll see if I manage to throw more barefooting in what that does for my form.

Ended up going out again after a fitful bedtime for the toddler. Took almost two hours for her to fall asleep. Pretty rough only because by the time she's asleep I'm usually pretty wiped too, but I'm still managing to drag myself out for the miles, and I'm enjoying them.

Made bratwurst and sauerkraut tonight for dinner, with a recipe from a friend in the social club. Excellent stuff. Haven't been drinking a ton, so my weight is pretty good, but I definitely threw that off a bit today, as I had a few drinks to blow off some steam. Overall I feel pretty good, though, so hopefully I don't pay for it too much when I look at the scale tomorrow. One of the things that's really thrown me off with baby #2 is that I'm much less regimented about my meals than I was before. I'll need to get back on that before too long, because I have actual performance goals to meet at the end of July.

Starting to feel the itch for marathon training again. I'm not sure when the next one will be, because I'm honestly not sure I can afford the time training for a marathon this summer with the two little ones. It's something I may talk to my wife about, though, because my legs are getting hungry for the miles again.

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