Friday, May 25, 2018

Summer Run Streak, Day #1

Summer run streak starts today for me. Traditionally I start it a bit before memorial day as we have some big traditions at work, so I'll run this streak from today until the first day of September (or possibly longer.) Last year's run streak went to 107 days, and I didn't blog each run as I do during the winter. I think I'm going to try blogging each run again, because among other things, it keeps me in the habit of syncing my watch at my computer.

Otherwise I'd likely not come down to my office at all.

Goal wise I'm starting on a training plan now. It's a half marathon plan, but I'm adapting certain things because the goal race I really want to be trained for is the Blessing of the Fleet, which is a 10 mile road race in Narragansett, RI. The course is extremely nice, I know it well because I've run the race a few years in a row now. My PR on the course is a 1:16, so under that will take a lot of effort but I'm confident after the performance I had at Angry Unicorn that I can do something pretty impressive if I'm willing to do the work.

Tonight was an easy three miles just to get moving again. Had amounted about 16k steps at work, along with 31 flights of stairs (on the fitbit) so I was really just looking to keep loose. Tomorrow is an hour run on the plan, and then Sunday is an hour and a half run. I may actually stretch that out and attempt a sub-2 half marathon run, because there's a challenge on Strava I want the badge for, and Angry Unicorn didn't measure out right for me on my GPS.

I've renewed my membership with half fanatics, too, so I may also throw in some random HMs this summer, if my wife lets me, in order to keep myself entertained on my long runs. I love the site and tracking the races and stuff, but I have to admit a certain degree of guilt over only using the discount codes once or twice. Maybe I can use them more this year.

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