Saturday, February 24, 2018

Hints of Spring

February is always a weird month in New England. We're just as likely to get a random day where it's 65 and sunny as we are to get two, or three blizzards that knock out power and keep you inside going stir crazy.

My wife had to go to the blood test lab today for another gestational diabetes screen, so we went with her. I chased my daughter around the lobby, mostly. We ended up covering about two miles on foot. I felt kind of good about the fact that when I'd offer her the tablet to watch a show, she'd turn it down and opt instead to run off. I don't sweat the screen time, but I do feel positive about the fact that she prefers playing and running around.

We had some fun running around, anyway. Looking at the paintings, and the fish tank in the kid area. I took her to the cafe there in the lobby and we split a big chocolate cookie.

I've been running the stairs in my house on my cross training days, and that's paying off. Not a big stair case (maybe ten steps or so), but I'm up to 50 repetitions in a day, and it's really making hill climbing easier on me. Additionally, my legs are building a lot of muscle. So that's a thing.

16 mile long run tonight, which went pretty well. Was feeling strong going into the last 5k or so, and then started to get fatigued (physically.) Sipping on water every two miles, but didn't bring any food with me. Being that I ran late, I already had about two thousand calories in my system.

If I'd had to, I could have toughed out another few miles. So that makes me feel good about where I am in the training and what I've kept from my last run streak's fitness.

Weight loss is going well -- down to about 175 lbs from 183. Quite a ways to my goal, but still happy with the progress and noticing the benefits in performance.

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