Saturday, March 10, 2018

March Nor'easters, Pancakes, Housework

Couple of surprise storms this past two weeks. It's kept the snow around, and some cold weather, but basically it has been pretty nice otherwise. I'm glad to be able to layer in my day to day, as I prefer cold weather, wearing flannel, etc. I'm less happy about continuing to wear heavy gear while I'm on the run. Not great. Takes more time to get ready, as well.

Up fairly early this morning to clean the house and make breakfast. The house has sort of gotten away from me, but part of my new pattern is getting up around six on Saturday, regardless, and cleaning the kitchen up. Then I make coffee, prepare breakfast. Today was banana peanut butter chocolate chunk pancakes with corned beef. At least, that was for my wife and daughter. I stuck with a vegan chili, sweet potato, Greek yogurt and guacamole. I'm training, so I'm trying to limit how much junk I eat.

We ended up doing Chinese for dinner, but I did keep track of how much and what I ate. So I'm sure it was pretty rough on sodium, but certainly not as bad as it could have been. I have a long run tomorrow so it'll work out over time.

Running has been going fairly well. Back onto the training plan, only having missed one day this week (an easy run, so I still got in my speed workouts.) Tomorrow is a two hour long run with a "fast" finish. So I'm planning a 15 mile run, where I'll run the last 5 km or so at a decent clip. I'm really doing my best on the nutrition front this time, because I have been feeling so much better on the run with the ten or so pounds I've lost. Climbing hills is easier, I get winded less easily, and I feel better at the end of the run, as well. So it's going to be an important thing to remember that so that it keeps me eating right.

Brief shopping trip today, then hanging out, watching movies, playing video games. Amazed at how smart the toddler is and how good she is at communication. Working on finishing up the spare room (we switched our spare room with the nursery recently, to allow space for the two children.) Still have to paint the room so that we can finally move all the spare room furniture out of our living room. I am seriously ill at ease about my house being disordered for this long!

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