Thursday, November 30, 2017

Holiday Run Streak, Day #8

Back at it this morning. Out of bed at 4am, all dressed up, and out on the road. Intentionally didn't put the trash out last night as extra motivation to get up early anyway.

About 30 degrees out, which isn't too bad, but I used it as an excuse to try out my new running pants. Love them, but by the end of mile 3 I was wishing I'd gone with tights. Well, now I know for the future.

Being that I had run such a fast pace last night, and this run is basically twelve hours later, I expected to take it much easier today. So I loaded up an old podcast and locked in a pretty stable 10 minute pace for the four miles. Overall, not the most fun I've ever had running, but definitely easy.

Hopefully tomorrow's run will be a little bit more on a pace I like running, because I'll have had that much more time to recover.

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