Thursday, November 23, 2017

Holiday Run Streak, Day #1

An early morning with the kiddo today. I've been rising early (about 4am) to try and jump start my morning running habit, but today I slept a bit later (730ish) to be awoken by my child. I made a small batch of pumpkin chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast, corned beef hash for my wife and the baby, and did a whole bunch of cleaning in the kitchen.

We do a bigger thanksgiving with several friends earlier in November, so the actual Thanksgiving Day we keep for our nuclear family. The wife opted for a ham this year, I have my vegetarian protein. Need to get back in those old habits.

Put the ham in the oven, and headed out at around noon for a 10k. Not too bad, if a little bit chilly. Heart rate monitor has been dead (needs a new battery, and conveniently doesn't take the same battery as my previous HRM) so I did the run with no feedback on my heart rate. Ran quite a bit faster than usual, although I'm sure I was working for it. Tried to go by feel and breathing, and just covered the miles. Got home and got to work finishing off dinner, we ate, and then I was absolutely wiped. 

Might be a rough time of year for some to find these habits, but I'm hopeful about getting back in shape. Being that we aren't at a huge gathering, I wasn't compelled to any of the bad habits like alcohol I normally would be. Still overate, but really only ate one meal today (plus two pancakes) so I think it'll work out. I'll check the food diary tonight, and see...

Looking forward to more miles tomorrow!

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