Sunday, November 26, 2017

Holiday Run Streak, Day #4

Shopping this morning, then a bunch of cleaning the house and cooking. Baby girl helped me "make" the bread this afternoon (sat in her chair, with her own measuring cup and bowl playing with cheerios.) It was fun, though, and I got a bunch of stuff done.

Out for 4.3 tonight. A little bit faster than a couple of days ago, but I'm mostly aiming to stay consistent. The big test in the streak will be tomorrow, because I have a long meeting after work, which means not being home until after dark (late afternoon in New England.)

I'm going to try my best to get up early and run before work, but we'll see how that goes after so many days of running straight. Fortunately, the coffee pot is nice and clean now, so I'll be well caffeinated when I get back.

I've added a bunch of runs to my calendar for next year, and I'm hoping to add more soon. The due date on kiddo #2 is in late May, which makes the planning tough, but I'm hoping to find a full marathon to do at some point next year as well (as I've done one per year to this point.) It may end up being a Spring marathon, but before I can commit to that training I want to see how this streak goes.

22 miles into the streak, and feeling pretty good!

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