Sunday, January 28, 2018

In Training: Marathon #6

Starting tomorrow I'm in training for my sixth full marathon. I've only run one spring marathon before (Big Sur in 2016), but I feel optimistic about this. I'm hoping to do most of my training early, so for the duration of the plan I'll be waking early and going to bed early (right around when the toddler hits the hay, actually.) I'm hoping this act of discipline will keep me motivated, in shape, and on track for a good performance. It will be my last full marathon as a father of one, so I'm hoping to put in a good showing.

The training plan kicks off with a really anti-climactic rest day. Oh well. Can't do too much about that. I'll do some core work, maybe, but overall I'm going to try and respect Monday and Friday as my rest days. Thursday is also a rest day in this plan, but I'm thinking I'll work some core strength training in there. Likely body weight exercises, in numerous repetitions.

Just starting to get the hang of this one kid thing, and we'll be embarking on the two kid thing. I am doing so well, in fact, that I managed to cook meals, bake four loaves of bread, and still find time to play and draw with the kiddo this weekend. Admittedly, there was a bit of time where she was with my wife, or playing with her toys. But I feel like as a family we're starting to hit our stride. So, it will be a bit to adjust to with another baby in the house.

I'm excited, but also nervous. The anxious feelings are different from the ones I experienced prior to baby #1's arrival. I was terrified then, not knowing what to expect in all the new dad moments. I was surprised to feel like even though it was a struggle, there were things I had been concerned about that came pretty naturally. Not being afraid of the little things (going without sleep, soothing a baby, changing a diaper, giving baths, and changing tiny clothes) means that I'm less anxious this time around. But the new dynamic in the house remains shrouded in fog for the time being. How will the toddler do? Will this change our relationship with her (in a negative way?) It's that kind of thing I'm worried about.

The marathon training should prove to be a good outlet for these complicated emotions, though, as we barrel towards the Spring, and the arrival of baby #2. Lots of time to work through things, and lots of workouts to drain all the nervous energy. There are some challenges, sure. The days when I have to train, but the toddler wakes up at 4 am (she does this sometimes.) The bad weather days (this is New England, after all.) The days work is particularly tough. I'll have to do my best to get along, and that's part of the journey of training for a full marathon. Its the endless: "what will I do today?" question.

It's the camaraderie with the ancient forefather of all distance runners, "Just you, and me, Pheidippides."

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