Monday, January 1, 2018

Resolutions "in Review" 2017

I have set New Year's Resolutions since I started running. Now I try to mix in some parenting goals, and general happiness goals. 

This gives me a pretty even mix of "succeed" and "did not succeed." I figure it might be fun to look at some of the old resolutions, see what worked and what didn't before laying out my goals for this year. 

Resolutions from 2017:

  1. Return to the marathon
  2. Prioritize the half marathon
  3. Barefoot a 5k
  4. Set and achieve a climbing goal at least 6 months of the year
  5. Lose as much weight as it takes to be efficient
  6. Spend mindful time with family
  7. Re-begin date night with wife
  8. Be a more active part of the online dad community
  9. Write some new music
  10. Learn and archive some terrible dad jokes
Well, I returned to the marathon at the TCS NYC marathon this year. I wouldn't consider it a rip-roaring success of a performance, but it did rejuvenate my soul and rekindle my love for motion. I'm glad I did that race, and I'm glad that running the 26.2 again was a goal I set.

I ran 8 half marathons this year, with friends, on my own, for fun, and two see some new race courses. It was a blast. I joined Half Fanatics and found a whole new way to game-ify my running existence.

I did not barefoot a 5k, and I only met a climbing goal two months out of the year. I'm going to keep the barefoot-ing goal into 2018 to see what I can do with it. As Strava has sort of normalized the climbing challenge, I'm not so worried about setting it up for my long term goals.

With regards to weight loss, I spent the whole year at 180 pounds (with slight fluctuations.) I am amazed I ran so many long distance races at that weight, but I never did get back into my previous shape.

I spent really good quality time with my little family. Mindful time, and I think I'm seeing the results of that in how much fun our toddler has hanging out with us. She's smart, too, which is no doubt a result of all the books, pretend play, and singing that we do. I'll keep that up, of course, but I want to refine it more.

Date night was never a thing we started again as a regular fixture, but we have had a couple of very successful dates. I'm calling that a win, because with a second child on the way, I can't imagine there will be much time for just the two of us. Life comes and goes in waves, I'm sure there will be years in the future where we have more time just us.

I wanted to be a more active part of the online dad community. And I do have a presence on twitter, and I do tweet sometimes. I have around 550 followers now, and I interact with people pretty sporadically on there. I'm not sure what to call on a win on that goal, but again, it's something that can stay as a focus point without being on next year's resolutions.

I wrote and arranged music this year, we performed stuff, we had people over and sang songs in the house. It was a great music year for me. I'm so glad that part of my life is still there and thriving.

And of course the dad jokes.

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