Thursday, December 3, 2015

Running Streak: Day 8

An easy mile and a quarter to start off today. Have to work late tonight, so I decided today would be a good day to switch over to morning runs again. My wife also wanted me to switch over to mornings in case she goes into labor and I have to leave straight from work. Hopefully this way I'll be able to keep the streak going.

Morning running is strange. Even with stretching, rolling, and using the stick the night before my muscles still feel creaky until I've got at least a mile on my feet. I have to remind myself to go out easy, and slowly add on speed as I work through the little aches that come with legs that are just waking up.

The weather this morning couldn't have been better for a run, even if it was a bit damp. I came to realize how much I've missed the solitude of a city at 4am, when I used to do most of my longer-distance training. It will be nice to have that back, even in the dead cold of winter.

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