Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Running Streak : Day 27

We are home! We have returned from the hospital, and are getting settled in. I ordered us two meals each so we would have lunch and dinner, and ran some errands.

My wife also insisted that I bring the dog home, and the pup has been very good with our little one so far. She listens to us very well, and seems to understand that we need her to keep her distance. I think it helped put some normalcy back into our routine.

We also had a visit from one of the little one's godparents tonight, who held her while my wife had dinner and I got in my 1.2 miles. It is, I kid you not, 60 degrees in my part of New England today. I had no reason to wear a long sleeve tech, but was comfortable anyway.

I would like to try and get in 3 miles tomorrow, but I will defer to my wife if she feels she can't spare me for the time.

The big post for this week will be late. I'm sure you understand... Fatherhood, after all, is an endurance sport, and we are in it's very early miles.

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