Sunday, November 29, 2015

Running Streak: Day 4 (The Ol' Stomping Grounds)

Long run tonight. Ran 13.4 miles in about two hours.

Planned a course that took me from my current neighborhood around my city, and looped into the village that I used to live in on the way back. I like running over there on long runs because as I don't run much there anymore, I am always impressed at how my legs seem to remember the terrain. My legs adjust to the hills and pot holes as if I had run them just yesterday, and I feel a great sense of ease and familiarity there.

At about mile seven, as I climbed up an old familiar hill, I was disappointed to see that the thick undergrowth and forested area that had once surrounded the area had been cut clear, and I could see the half-mile or so to the apartment building I used to live in. Not sure if that land is being developed for something, but one of the nice things about those apartments was that they were surrounded by woods and thick brush, so you felt isolated even in the midst of a moderate urban area.

Travelling further on the road that I so often stepped out on when I started running, I was impressed to see that the area had been improved and re-paved. Really nice for pedestrians, now, with a solid sidewalk running all the way along the road (this area immediately connects to a highway, so it was fairly dangerous running in the shoulder there when I started running.)

All in all, a good run. A cold night, but I did OK even if I felt like I may have been a bit under-dressed towards the end. The temp had dropped so much after sunset that I was starting to get concerned about being out in sweat-drenched clothes, so I packed it in. Overall ended up with 27.8 miles for the week. Not a half bad start to this running streak.

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