Sunday, November 1, 2015


Today is my thirtieth birthday.

I'm not really sure what's on the schedule for today... plans got sidelined this weekend by an unexpected family emergency. Not to worry, the baby, my wife, and myself are all fine. Sometimes life throws us curve balls, and honestly I won't be too hurt by the addition of a couple of rest days.

I'm in an odd place, though. This is past the "quarter-life crisis". I'm not really sure what I feel. I expected to be freaked out at being thirty, but I'm finding that just like with other milestones I'm not really feeling changed by it. That is a good thing, I guess. Crises are not a thing to relish and sentimentalize.

So, the 5k and Marathon I had planned for this weekend went out the window. I dreamed of the marathon last night, too. I'll need to get out and get a good long run in soon.

Towards the end of November I participate in the Runner's World Running Streak. It doesn't really feel like a big deal to me, anymore, and last year I actually ended up building a strong base and peaking at 45 miles during the streak. We'll see if I have a similar performance this year, it certainly wouldn't hurt me going into a training season for Big Sur.

I will plan to do some more frequent posts as I start the streak, so anyone following can stay updated on the progress. The middle of December is also "go time" for this baby, so I am planning to try and build up some posts in case I am pulled away from my normal commitments for an unspecified amount of time.

Three decades. Ugh.

Cake tonight.

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