Sunday, November 22, 2015

End of the 2015 Racing Season / Holiday Running Streak

Due to a variety of upcoming events, my race season ended yesterday. I can't commit to anymore races this year, because I may not be able to attend them! That's an odd feeling, usually I go into December. Anyway, here is a list of the races I've run in 2015:

2/20/2015 -- Newport Night Run 5k! (Newport, RI)
21:58, 7:04/mile

3/29/2015 -- Eastern States 20 mile (Portsmouth, NH)
2:49:15, 8:28/mile

6/13/2015 -- Gaspee Days 5k (Cranston, RI)
22:26, 7:15/mile

7/18/2015 -- Craft Brew Races 5k (Newport, RI)
21:37, 6:57/mile

7/24/2015 -- Blessing of the Fleet 10 mile Race (Narragansett, RI)
1:17:27, 7:45/mile

9/19/15 -- Jamestown Half Marathon (Jamestown, RI)
1:40:16, 7:39/mile, 31st Overall

10/18/15 -- Ashworth Awards Baystate Marathon (Lowell, MA)

10/25/15 -- Pell Bridge Walk/Run (Jamestown/Newport, RI)
(Walked with family members, can't remember time, don't care.)

10/25/15 -- Great Pumpkin 5k / Dog Run (Warren, RI)
24:07, 7:47/mile, 1st in Age Group

11/11/15 -- PVMS 5k (Cranston, RI)
22:55, 7:04/mile

11/21/15 -- East Providence Turkey Trot (East Providence, RI)
21:59, 7:04/mile

Not a bad showing, for my third year of running. No PR at the 5k distance, which I was hoping for, but I didn't do as much as I could have to make that happen. I focused more on the distance and frequency of training through the summer and less on speedwork, which did pay off at the marathon distance and got me close to my 2013 PR at Baystate.

I will be adding things to my race calendar for 2016 in the upcoming weeks. I already have Big Sur on my mind, and I've been throwing in more hills at the end of my runs in anticipation for it. I'm also thinking of taking up snow-shoeing this winter, as a way to get some distance in without having to do endless loops in my neighborhood. I don't plan on doing any snow shoe races this year, but we'll see where that leads me in years to come.

Overall, optimistic about my future with running. I'll never be competitive with anyone but myself, but at least I still have my goals in sight, and they feel pretty attainable.

I will once again be participating in the Runner's World Holiday Running Streak this year. This will be my third year doing the streak, with the goal of running at least one mile a day everyday between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day. I will have some added challenges this year, but I still want to try my best. This week look for a couple of posts about my holiday streaks from previous years. I will also attempt to post each day about the workout I've done for that day.

This combined with my regularly scheduled posts means there will be quite a bit of content here on the NDEB, and I hope it is stuff you will enjoy reading.

Participating in the holiday streak? Let me know in the comments and we can cheer each other on!

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