Saturday, November 24, 2018

Holiday Run Streak, Day #3

Mile and three quarters today. Expecting rain and cold for the next couple of days. Have the gear to tough it out, but it won't be fun for sure.

Pain in my right quad. Need to do some stretching and form work. I think I'm OK to keep moving, but I'm concerned that it's compensating for a weakness/tightness elsewhere, so we'll see. The left plantar fasciitis seems to be gone. So that's good. Need to do some stretching regularly to keep stuff in check, as well as some strength to stay rounded. Have to get back to eating real food tomorrow, too, so I don't gain fifteen pounds and struggle all month to keep running.

Eventful day today, with errands and lots of playing and cleaning around the house. When the kiddos wake up, likely more playing. Wife and I got our flu shots today, so once the baby is all better from her cold we should be good to go visit friends again.

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