Sunday, September 18, 2016

CCRI 5k (Race Review)

Ran the CCRI 5k up in Lincoln, RI today.

I'm a CCRI alum. At the end of my high school career, I knew I wanted to pursue higher education, but I didn't have the academic records from high school to make a four year college a reality right out of the gate. I had a lot of personal and family struggles in high school, and it just wasn't possible for me to achieve at the level I needed to then. Fortunately, I found CCRI, poured all of my time into my studies and then went on to a four year college to complete a bachelor's degree. As a favor to a retiring professor, I transferred my credits back from the four year school and also earned my Associate's Degree. I'm a really proud alum.

So I wanted to run the 5k mostly because the school doesn't sell any good gear. I've always wanted a decent hoodie from them, to show my pride, but they only really sell basketball and nursing hoodies. I signed up for that reason, and sort of as a joke.

This morning we headed up to Lincoln around 8am. The race was at 10am. This gave me some time to get the lay of the land, find bathrooms, registration, and have a quick bite before race time. Met up with some other friends who ran. With the CVS 5k in Providence today, expected the field to be small, which it was. The Providence Gay Men's Chorus did a lovely job with the national anthem (although I was surprised it wasn't the school chorus...?) and we all headed over to the start area. Some nice words by the school's new president, and some safety tips from the race director, and then we were off.

Did I mention this race was partially on trails? Because I had no idea it was going to be on trails. That was a hell of a surprise. It wasn't super technical, and it ended up being a really lovely course, but it was a surprise. I ended up falling in with the top ten pack before we hit the trails, but couldn't see the leader. Ran through the trails, and up a very big hill which caused me to slow down quite a bit. Back around the baseball and soccer fields before a final loop of the parking lot, and came through the chute in 22:45. Not too bad given that I haven't been training for the 5k, and I didn't know the race had trail segments. Ended up finishing sixth overall.

Afterwards, met up with some friends and decided to go out for a friend's birthday. We picked a diner, and took of. I figured we would be good as I placed sixth, so I didn't expect to be acknowledged at the awards thing, and honestly, that isn't why I run anyway. Headed to the diner, sat down, and got a text from the timing company. Won my age group! That was a real surprise. I don't think there were age group awards, but I do feel sort of bad skipping out now in case they read my name. Next year I'll pay more attention and wait around a bit more.

Overall, good time. Loved the course, and with it being so close to home I'll definitely run it again next year.

Up next on the race calendar: my return to the Jamestown half marathon. I'm not expecting a PR this year, but looking forward to challenging myself and getting some longer runs in the books before a late October marathon.

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