Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pancake Breakfast/Long Run Saturday!

Decided to deviate from our normal routine a bit today and go to one of our favorite local diners for breakfast. Brought the high chair we have (straps to a normal chair securely) and of course the baby. She was a big hit, and had an excellent time. Overall, it was a short but really important breakfast because it proved that we can get back parts of our old life. Making part of the old normal a part of the new normal.

Haven't run much this week because of the high demands of my job, and at home. Prioritized being at home with the wife and daughter this week. I'm hoping to get out to do seventeen or so miles today, so I will have some mileage for the week. I did do quite a bit of strength training this week, so I feel pretty good. I can actually get some strength training done at work in our gym, but I hate using the treadmill so I don't really log any miles that way. Plus I tend to get injured running on treadmills.

Next week is my last "big mileage" week before tapering for Big Sur. I'm hopeful about logging the miles next week, but starting to feel like I have to make serious sacrifices from other columns (family, work) in order to make the miles happen. I need to find a balance.

Once I'm done with Big Sur I'll take some time to rest and look at the calendar towards my next race. I have a couple of 5ks that I'm looking to do this summer, but I'm not really racing them as much as just running them. I'd like to do a serious run streak this summer (like I did last year) but I have to really set my focus on something. My wife also wants to get back into running (she hasn't run since before the pregnancy, but has some really excellent goals) and so we will have to figure out a way to find balance in all areas. I wouldn't be opposed to training with her, but without a really reliable babysitter we won't be able to make that work.

So more likely we'll trade off baby duty and training. With my new watch and hrm, she'll be able to take my old hrm and do some heart rate training. I'm excited to see how it goes for her, given that I have had success working a moderate amount of it into my training.

Debating trying to get into the MCM this year through the transfer program. Would be good to go back and really give it a go, try to improve on my past performance. In any event, I'm looking around at fall marathons. That would mean this would be my first year doing two marathons in one year. That has been a goal of mine for a couple of years now. There are also a couple of trail races I am interested in, and quite a bit of plans for hiking this summer, so I have some things on the horizon.

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