Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Resolutions (part 2) 2019 Goals

Here are the goals I'm looking to set for 2019. Each year I try to pick 10 things to focus on, with five of them being parenting goals, and five of them being goals for endurance sport. This year I'm going to try something different -- three goals for my parenting life, my professional life, and my life in endurance sport.

First, my parenting goals:
  1. Spend at least two hours a day playing, reading, singing with my kids.
  2. Prioritize time alone with each of the children.
  3. Get the kids outside more, on trails, in the woods.
Secondly, the professional goals:
  1. Pursue additional certification with regards to tech implementation
  2. Begin to seriously put some practice time in on my instrument
  3. Practice random kindness in the workplace
Third, my endurance goals:
  1. Run a 50km trail race
  2. Cross train more (bike, strength)
  3. Run more trails (in training)
Lastly, an overall goal of mine is to de-emphasize materialism in the upcoming year, and to focus on experiences and quality time.


I know that hour/day goals become difficult to measure for me, because I'm often being pulled in so many directions that it is difficult to quantify time. I figure right now I probably spend two or three hours with my toddler a day playing and reading, etc. In the next year I want to start to quantify it, only to have an idea of what we're doing. I may blog some of that stuff here, but I'm also going to just jot things down as we do them.

Health-wise I tracked my weight almost every day last year. The goal of that was two-fold: I wanted to see the trend, but I also wanted to train myself to take the number on the scale less seriously. When it is just one thing you do in a day, it's a lot easier to lessen the build up on "weigh-in" days. That worked pretty well, a side effect being that I never lost as much weight as I intended. Although, I did manage a pretty respectable marathon time in spite of that extra weight. So that's fun, but we'll see what I can do about any of it in 2019.

I've signed up for a "Run the Year" challenge. 2019 miles means a little over five and a half miles every day. I'm not planning to run it like that, but I am thinking about using the log software run the year uses to keep my streak going. And it syncs activities from Strava, so not a lot of extra work on my part there. Hopefully with a marathon training plan, and then a 50km plan, I'll be able to pull of the mileage.

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