Saturday, October 14, 2017

Pre-Marathon Slump and NYC Bound

It's been awhile since I posted, but I wanted to post a brief update.

We're back to the busy season at work, and finding our rhythm. I'm amazed at what a confident kid our little toddler has become. Opinionated, too, but I suppose that isn't a bad thing.

She's a funny kid, too. Sings constantly, always wants to play. Even in a half asleep state I'm finding I have extra energy to sing one more Raffi song with her, one more story with her. Its such a blast.

With regards to running, I've fallen into some of the typical bad habits.

Fell off the wagon of marathon training a month ago -- came down with a digestive bug and ended up losing six pounds in two days. I rallied but never really recovered my rhythm post-streak, so now I'm finishing up a sporadic last couple of weeks on the marathon plan. My long runs have been rough, but otherwise things are alright.

I know from previous experience (most notably the MCM) that I have a really tough time maintaining enthusiasm at this point in the training cycle. I'm not sure how I'll improve on that in the next cycle, but I want to try some stuff. For one thing, I don't plan to completely lose my momentum post-NYC as I did when I ran Marine Corps three years ago.

I had a good tune up at Jamestown back in September, ran a 1:46, which I didn't know I had in my legs. A less than ideal performance at the BAA Half of 1:56, but it was very humid and my legs were dragging.

Thinking ahead I'm planning to revive my winter holiday running streak, and part of the goal there will be to get my running back into the early morning hours. It just works better that way. If I can fix the cycle, then hopefully I'll get better rest, and maybe even be able to return to the Eastern States next spring. That would be awesome.

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