Friday, April 21, 2017

Rainy Days in Motion

“To enjoy a thing exclusively is commonly to exlcude yourself from the true enjoyment of it.” 
― Henry David Thoreau, Walking

April showers, and all that.

I'm in an interesting place where I haven't been putting enough mileage on my legs, but I'm signed up for a whole bunch of races. And I'm not sweating that, just looking forward to it. Lots of Half Marathons in 2017, and then the NYC marathon this fall. I'm feeling a bit like taking less time on the road is meaning more enjoyment out of the time I do spend. I find myself smiling again in the later miles, and even giggling to myself as I top hills.

I am hoping to get back on my feet enough to do another run streak during my summer lazy-season. I mean, I'm also looking at doing a multiple day hiking trip, but I'll figure that out when I come to it. I enjoyed running a lot last summer, even when it left me totally exhausted, but I'm afraid that it also caused a bit of burnout in me. So I'll try to keep more to a schedule with real easy days, and real light days. That should keep me moving and also keep my mental game a bit more focused.

We have so much to do around the house now that the baby is a toddler. She's walking all over the place, and it's becoming more apparent to me that I have to finish all the projects I started (i.e: the house...) Mouldings will have to be put up, fix the little issues with certain door jams. It shouldn't be terrible but it will be enough detail work to keep me busy in the summer.

We're turning our living room into a more devoted playroom. The big TV will move (maybe eventually down to the basement) and a more reasonable size TV will go in. I put in a foam "tile" sort of flooring over the hard woods, which is fun and definitely kid friendly. We're also going to be putting her bookshelf in that room, once I have the hardware to secure it to the wall. All in all it will make a great play room.

There's a lot of other stuff I want to do to this place, of course. It could use a kitchen update so that it had actual storage, and the bathroom could use an overhaul, too. But who knows how long we'll be here. I've already put in new floors, added a half wall, and updated the kitchen quite a bit.

Ah well, exciting times in the life of my young family. Half marathoning again this weekend! Not sure that it will be a "race" in my eyes, but certainly I'll give it a strong effort. Supposed to be a hilly course, but Sunday is looking "partly sunny" and 60 degrees, so it should be a good day for it.

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