Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Winter Motivation

So we've been out of town for a bit in the last month. It has been really nice getting some time to recharge, and also getting to spend more focused time with the baby (not worrying about a million other things.) I've gone for a few runs -- the longest being about six and a half miles. It has been fun getting moving again, although my aerobic system isn't in great shape. I'll need some longer runs to get that feeling good again.

Running in the snow is always an adventure, though. In some ways I'm disappointed that I didn't keep up a more consistent running streak this last two months, and that I'll be heading into the Eastern States with less of a mileage base, but I'm not training for a spring marathon, so the ES20 this year will be a race for me to do just because I love it. So there's something to be said for that.

I'm feeling ready to get moving, though, so I've been working harder putting together a race calendar for this year. I want 2017 to be a year focused on the half marathon for me (and maybe a marathon again towards the fall.) I'll be running the Black Cat 10 miler in Salem, MA in a couple of weeks, and then the Eastern States towards the end of March. I'm thinking about throwing a 5k in at the beginning of April, but we'll see how that goes. At some point in April I'll start throwing in half marathons. At some point this year, I'll set goals on racing them, but in the meantime I'm mostly interested in just running in some races for fun. Getting some t-shirts, getting outside, and moving on.

For each one of those, I'll be sure to post a race review outlining the event and how things went.

Heading into the summer, I'm planning on another running streak. My previous summer streak was 94 days, which was a whole bunch of running. Maybe I can get to 100 days? We'll see! Should be a good time.

Baby girl has been walking! It has been some tentative first steps, but so cool to see her growing and developing into a cool little person. She loves reading, and sesame street, and she loves our pets. All in all it is good times in our little clan. We even took her out in the blizzard a couple of weeks ago, to do some sledding! A neat little infant sled that I basically dragged a short distance like a rickshaw. She enjoyed it, though. I'm hoping to get her out for her first hike when Spring starts to come around -- we have a nifty backpack I can carry her in.

As for now I'm off back to cleaning the house and getting things ready for work tomorrow.

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