Saturday, December 10, 2016

Holiday Run Streak, Days #9-#16

Well, fell off the wagon of blogging with every run. Things have just been so crazy, and I've not been well. But I'm keeping up the streak of at least a mile a day. I'm having to adjust expectations because of how different things are now than they were a year ago.

I've been running later at night (between 8pm and 11pm) depending on how much we have to do when we get home. I'm definitely feeling exhausted, and not in the best shape aerobically. There are a couple of big events coming in the next week, so if I can keep my streak alive until Thursday or so I should be in good shape to add in more miles approaching the end of December.

With regards to health, the whole family is constantly in one cold or starting another. My wife and I have been sick on and off, and last week I started to get a fever coming on. I took a couple of days off, which was good, but truth be told I'm still constantly running a low-grade fever. I can feel it in my body. I think maybe I have a flare up of mono? That's not super common for folks my age, but I've had it in the past and know it can come on in times of excess stress. Full time job? Check. Baby under the age of one year? Check. Adult responsibilities? Check. So, I've got all the stress I need plus ten extra tons of it.

I feel again like I've gotten lost from where I was. I was so happy at the end of the summer run streak, but I wasn't where I wanted to be running wise. Then I just absolutely fell off the running wagon. I haven't had a week where I put in more than twenty miles since October. That's really unlike me for the last few years. I need to find my way out of this rut that I'm in. But it isn't going well so far. A drastic change is going to need to take place, but I feel like I'm fumbling around in a dark room looking for a flashlight.

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