Thursday, September 24, 2015

Throwback Thursday #4 -- Resolutions

In continuing with this series of throwback posts from my MFP blog, I share a post about goal setting and the "New Years Resolutions" I made. Some of them are silly in retrospect. Commentary added on the 2014 ones.

Resolutions for 2013, and their outcomes.

I've never been one for New Year's Resolutions, and as I started my weight loss in July, fitness had never been much of a focus for me before this year.
I did set some goals last year around this time, and I wanted to post a follow up on them (although, I never posted them on here, so whatever.)
On January 1st 2013 I jumped into the Atlantic ocean (ending my holiday running streak) and set to work on the goals.
I resolved the following things for 2013:

  1. Get down to 150 lbs (I came close, ~152 around the time I ran my Marathon)
  2. Run a half marathon
  3. Run a full marathon
  4. Train more on roads
  5. Go barefoot (Did this one. Sort of. Part time.)
Having them to focus on was nice, they weren't things I was doing because I resolved them but because I had interests that led me naturally to them. #4 looks funny to me now, it's so easy to forget that a year ago I was doing most of my running on treadmills and I was actually very self-conscious about people seeing me run outside.
I've set out the following resolutions for 2014. They require a bit more focus and follow through, but I think they'll also be good for me.

Resolutions for 2014:

1. Swim in the Atlantic Ocean once every month
2. Sub-20 5k (This remains a dream, but I get closer each year, if even only by seconds...)
3. 1:30 HM (This one was a case of setting a really ambitious goal, and not training specifically for the event to meet it. d'oh! I still PR'd my half that year at 1:40, so it did drive me to more progress.)
4. Summit a mountain (I really wanted to do this after Pikes Peak. However, I never managed to prioritize the time for it. I still remain enthusiastic about it.)
5. Maintain in the low 150s for the year (Building muscle meant that I actually gained quite a bit, now sitting around 163 on average. I've changed how I see the number on the scale, though. I'm less obsessive.)
6. Consistent Vegan for two months of the year (non-consecutive) (Didn't pull that off. Still helped me remain conscious about what I was eating, though!)
7. Run a trail race (I did this in May at the Vermont Dandelion Run! Loved that trail run at the half marathon distance. Will write about it later!)
8. Run the Hat Trick @ Heartbreak Hill (5k, 10k, HM all same weekend) (Did this and had one of the most enjoyable running weekends ever. Would strongly recommend, should RW ever manage to bring it back.)

I will post a new blog each time I meet one of these. Should be a good time.
Any of you making any resolutions?

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